Marketing automation - targeted travelers - for more effective and cost-effective advertising.

TraveLead CRM allows you to identify where your potential customers come from, what their interests are, what their special travel requirements are and target them accordingly.

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Target your Travelers

You can target customers to the most suitable offers for them: favorite destination, suitable vacation package, vacation style that may interest them: business, leisure, organized tour, safari, specific vacation packages such as skiing, concerts, football games and more.

Personalized offers

The system constantly learns the customer's habits and travel interests, the type of vacation interest, the destinations, times, attractions and even favorite hotels. Through ongoing automation of past history analysis and the customer's response to targeted and effective marketing and advertising processes, the system knows how to offer the customer personalized offers, via email, social networks, landing pages and websites.


Save on your advertising budget

TraveLead CRM saves you the high advertising costs involved in an unfocused and ineffective digital campaign and allows you to create a wealth of new opportunities and deals through smart use of the system's advanced automation capabilities.

Regular updates for more loyal customers and business continuity.

With TraveLead CRM, your customers who travel the world, will never feel alone. Through full automated messaging updates, you can regularly update them on flight delays and changes, COVID-19 requirements and regulations for their travel destination, unique experiences, local attractions that may interest them, weather alerts and messages with real added value thus turning them into loyal customers and recommending ambassadors.