Over the past few years, and especially in light of the corona era, the travel industry has highlighted the need for active implementation of new work strategies to help meet the growing demands of consumers.

Although we live in the age of the digital transformation, most travel businesses today still depend on manual workflow or use basic technologies like office tools that require valuable time and resources that can be devoted instead to income-generating activities.

Addressing the customer's personal needs and values ​​is of paramount importance, especially in the tourism industry. To stay competitive in the market, it is important to implement reliable CRM systems that produce automated routine tasks, facility business processes and ensure end-to-end integration and customer information concentration.

Using a CRM system is the best way travel companies can centralize their services, business processes and staff in acquiring and retaining loyal customers, strengthen sales strategies and improve customer service. Above all, it gives them the opportunity to leverage their customer data and develop long-term customer relationships.

For this purpose, TraveLead CRM was established which, based on the Creatio system, developed a comprehensive CRM solution for the tourism industry - for B2C customers, B2B customers, business customer management in outbound tourism, inbound tourism, domestic tourism, wholesalers and tourism organizers.